Craigslist Shutdown

For folks who don’t follow the news over the weekend, Craigslist has shut down it’s “Adult Services” section. For people who don’t understand what that means, Craigslist is the single largest advertising forum for independent prostitution in the U.S. This negatively impacts some friends of mine who identify as sex-workers, and I think it’s a […]

PAC – 2 – The Master as Counselor/Therapist…

The Master as Therapist In an ideal world, every girl who was drawn to M/s for whatever reason would have a competent Master and a competent Therapist. If, not, let’s hope for one out of two. A lot of people see “Therapy” as a sort of magical thing that no layman should dare attempt. There […]

The Inner Parent, Adult, and Child

Every girl (in fact every human) is made up of three personality parts.Most human frustration comes from the failure to understand that fact. If you’ve ever said, thought or had somebody say of you: “I can’t understand why I keep getting into relationships like that…”“You’re crazy bitch”Even (with apologies to Toad), “I can’t understand what […]

Inside the Barn…

The last few weeks have been busy, filled with good people and learning new things, and included some real high points for me. I don’t normally share contemporary events, but my most recent adventure deserved an entry. We were lucky enough to be invited by Sister Dee to the site in up in N___________, where […]

Call for Submissions – Humiliation Anthology

I’ve posted this to Fet and several other places.  Please circulate it as far and wide as you please, I’d appreciate any signal boost, or link back here. I Want You To Make me Feel Like Shit: Girls and Humiliation Initial deadline for submissions January 17, 2011 We are looking for intelligent and reflective fiction […]

The Principles of Hypnosis – Ethics Cautions, and Opportunities – Part IV

Ethics Cautions, and Opportunities Now that we’ve discussed the “how” of Hypnosis, let’s discuss the realities and their ramifications. We’re talking about fucking around with what is in someone’s subconscious. Changing the programming that was solidified between ages 8-14, and designed to be difficult to change. Isn’t that bad? Shouldn’t we leave that alone? Physical […]

The Principles of Hypnosis – basic hypnosis – Part III

First a shout out to a blog I’ve been particularly impressed by: A Journey to a Door The blog is a set of personal stories on humiliation and life experience. I’ve gotten a chance to chat with Marilyn, the author, and I’m impressed with her in many ways. She tells a powerful and meaningful set […]

Myths and Facts about Hypnotism? – basic hypnosis – Part II

Myths and the archetype of “Svengali” Through the earlier half of the 20th century, an oft-quoted statistic suggested that only about fifty percent of the population could be hypnotized. There are other myths about hypnosis, the most common being that intelligent people cannot be hypnotized because they are “too smart to fall for it,” or […]

Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis – basic hypnosis – Part I

An Empircal Model of the Mind In the next few posts, I am going to go over the basic material from my Erotic Hypnosis Class, breaking it into segments for easy digestion. We’ll start with the empirical model of the mind (1) that we use for modeling reactions and personality. Introduction The Theory of Mind […]

Thanks to Everyone – Camp Crucible!

Thanks to everyone who attended my Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis at Camp Crucible this weekend! You were a great audience! I hope everyone experiments with the materials, and lets me know through the address here how they are doing. My best regards especially to Cat Ballou, Robert the Bruce, and the other folks who I […]