Thanks to Everyone – Camp Crucible!

Thanks to everyone who attended my Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis at Camp Crucible this weekend!

You were a great audience! I hope everyone experiments with the materials, and lets me know through the address here how they are doing. My best regards especially to Cat Ballou, Robert the Bruce, and the other folks who I talked to afterwards over the course of the weekend.
There aren’t a lot of hypnosis resources on the website yet, but I’m working on posting them as fast as is practical. I’ll also try and link from my FL profile…for folks who haven’t found me there I’m James_dc.
Best regards to everyone. I’m hoping to post a number of articles in the next two weeks which have been backlogged for months…this blog hasn’t been very active, but I’ve got six or eight pieces backlogged in draft that I just haven’t polished to final.
If you’re interested, please click on the contact link to the left, or add this blog to your RSS! Best regards and watch this space for more of interest.
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