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The last few weeks have been busy, filled with good people and learning new things, and included some real high points for me. I don’t normally share contemporary events, but my most recent adventure deserved an entry.

We were lucky enough to be invited by Sister Dee to the site in up in N___________, where she, PD, and others make video.

If you’re not familiar with these people, they’re, in various combinations, a decent chunk of the history of modern fetish video.

With the Mummy Cage

When I was in my twenties, and early 30s, I never really liked porn that much, and I absolutely had no interest in fetish video. Oh sure…I watched a few videos. They looked nothing like real kink, they were posed, and looked exactly like a bunch of people who know nothing about kink trying to pretend that they did. They were an enormous turnoff.

But while I was sleeping, the industry was somewhat revolutionized, and PD’s Insex was really the tremendous leader in that. Wikipedia, that repository of all things of importance, sums it up better than I can:

Insex was one of the biggest BDSM pornographic websites on the Internet and arguably the most extreme American pornographic production featuring female submissives. It was also a leading innovator in both live video streaming, pioneering the concept before broadband Internet access existed, and in the depiction of BDSM practices on the Internet

To me, this generation of work brough a psychological and “real” element to the videos that I had never seen in lame 1990s porn. It was fascinating and gripping even if I did blunder onto it a little late because I was convinced that “most kink porn sucks.” PD is a former Professor, and speaks intelligently and coherently on the subject. Watching him talk through a former shoot where he worked with a young Princess Donna, you could see both his love for the art, the extreme intelligence he brought to that work, and…a strong sense of proportion and realism about the content.

I should add that other than the graciousness that any guest owes a kind and generous host, I have no connection financial or otherwise to the sites that currently host these talented people and their work, including Infernal-Resstraints and which I’ve mentioned here before. But their work is good and legitimate and my recommendation is genuine.

At any rate, it was a fun vacation adventure. We took the whole household along, and the chance
to play on some high end toys, as well as enjoy good food and good company was a huge amount of fun.

Daniel, who handles a lot of the technical work, was present with his two wonderful girls, but was also kind enough along with Dee to prep two various pieces of equipment which exceeded our level of complexity. The first was the iron mummy case, which is lowered into a dark hole in the floor. It is…utterly immobilizing, though I can say hauling it up and down by the chain was…a workout. We dropped Jenn into a the dark, and left her there for a while, hanging immobile.

S_____ got to try out a new fucking machine, a one-off by a guy who works or worked for NASA and cost about 5k. It had a magnetic drive, with a set of toggles which could alter the waveform of the stroke to change the effect. At maximum power it shook the floor of the barn for a good number of feet in every direction. Definitely far more creative than your standard Sybian.

miranda was tied up thoroughly by jenn and other friends and placed on an inversion table. Dee told us afterwards we’d taken its cherry…unpainted, it had never been used in a shoot before. It worked pretty well aside from the fact that having been manufactured back in the dark ages, it had no stop after it ran out of gear teeth, and had a tendency to flip the person on it nearly vertical if you missed the last tooth. That said, it was certainly a sturdy affair and miranda was quite blissed out.

Our other big adventure was the water tank. You may recognize this rather elaborate piece of scenery made by metalsmith KGB from the videos. PD was kind enough to allow us to fill it, and let me drown jenn in it. Well, perhaps drown is a bit too strong a word. The water was cold (apparently if the whole thing is filled with warm water it tends to blow out fuses on the water heater), so miranda lashed jenn to a heavy iron grate and sank her in water over her head. She wasn’t kept down for too long (we were given some safety suggestions), but…there is something to be said for lowering a human being into water over their head attached to a massive iron object. Later one of the other guests was immersed in what was probably a more practical way, but for sheer gothic elegance I think I preferred our experiment.

There were other guests of course and we saw some very impressive play but…those aren’t my stories to tell. I was appreciative of K_______ who put his pretty girl O______ into the hole, an allowed us to use her as a public urinal before dinner. At the risk of a slight misquote of PD “it’s pretty perverse to buy a half million dollar farm just so you can dig a hole in the ground, put a girl in it and piss on her.”

Of guests whose names are public enough to bear mention, we were fortunate to have 412, and Marina. Marina had come up early for a shoot that is already posted and took place over the next couple of days. (search down for July July 7, 2010)

I was stunned by the real variety of sinister devices and bits of previous sinister devices. In a way, I think I am permanetly ruined. I never understood quite what it would be like to be a child and get a ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory, but I think I have a better appreciation of it now. Of course given Roald Dahl’s “My Uncle Oswald” stories, he might have preferred my weekend to a chocolate factory. Still, returning to real-life, where there are not naked girls bolted in cages above the doors, has never been more difficult.

It was an impressive event, as much for the caliber of conversation and the ideas thrown out by the other people present as what I did. It was a learning experience for me, and an honor to be surrounded by people who were so knowledgeable and talented…both the residents, and our fellow guests. Everyone in my household did a tremendous job and pushed personal limits and speaking as someone not easily impressed it was a truly impressive experience.

a few more photos…now I want to redo my backyard…

Beside the big tank

In front of the big tank

Cage over the Barn Door
Cage in the Wall

Cages in the back of the barn

The big tank...nearly full

The big tank mostly full

The Hole

The hole

The Backyard...

Back of the barn – general

A very clever gag, built into the barn wall

Clever mounting for a gag…

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