Sex Talk with Tamara Pincus – July 3

Good news…I appeared about two weeks ago on “Sex Talk with Tamara Pincus,” a local Podcast by my friend Tamara who is a Counselor and all around generally smart and knowledgeable person, somebody who is doing a lot of good work to promote mental health and understanding in the alt-sex Community.  The podcast went well, […]

Thanks for the First Full-Day Workshop

The first thing I want to say is “thanks” to everyone who came out to the full weekend workshop.  I was just awed by the response to this.  I’d felt for a while that basic Psychological issues were under-presented in the Community. I just cannot thank the attendees enough.  Some of you were people I […]

Full Day Workshop–Getting Serious!

I’m not big on self promotion, but I am going to take just a moment of your time (or feed) for a reminder that our deadlines for getting people registered for my first Full Day Workshop are coming up.  We have some smart folks registered and I hope we can get a few more. […]

Presentations at Camp Crucible

Our household is presenting two classes at Camp Crucible in the coming week, so this is mostly for the benefit of folks attending Camp Crucible. Apologies to anyone else, though if you find these interesting, please take a look at the Upcoming Workshop, or if you have an event where you might be interested in […]

The 7th Circle – Inception – Roleplay Event

Friday, October 21-23, 2011 Event starts at 9pm Friday, runs through 3pm Sunday Hagerstown, MD   Sophisticated Adult Roleplay… Sophisticated Kink   Do you enjoy mixing Roleplay with your Kink. Have you ever wished that you could take it just a little farther? Do you enjoy dressing up at Fetish Events, but wish […]

Workshop – Dominance, Submission & the Mind

  July 16, 2011 – Hagerstown MD. Full Day, includes lunch, dinner, snacks A Workshop on the Psychological Aspects of D/s of interest to anyone with a strong D/s or M/s dynamic. There are dozens of books and movies, from The Story of O to The Secretary that show us idealized D/s relationships, but those […]


There are a number of reasons why I started this sex blog. Likely they don’t matter to you, and probably don’t matter very much to me. But I am going to talk about them, because realistically what else are you going to do in an introductory post. I am not a “Master Dominant.” I have […]