The 7th Circle – Inception – Roleplay Event

Friday, October 21-23, 2011
Event starts at 9pm Friday, runs through 3pm Sunday
Hagerstown, MD
Sophisticated Adult Roleplay… Sophisticated Kink
Do you enjoy mixing Roleplay with your Kink. Have you ever wished that you could take it just a little farther? Do you enjoy dressing up at Fetish Events, but wish you could talk the talk as well as walk the walk? Have you ever done Roleplay and wished that…the scene could progress beyond the point where public decency caused you to stop? Do you already Roleplay at home, but wish you could do a really good scene where people took things just a little more seriously? Have you tried Kink Roleplay events before but found them…awkward, or unengaging?
Welcome to the Seventh Circle!
The “Seventh Circle” series of Roleplay events focuses on strong kink content, and is targeted at adults comfortable in a kink environment. Scenarios have involved fearplay, bondage, and impact, but also involve scripted and freeform characters with plot and roleplay.
There is no “forced” interaction and signups allow you to pick and choose what you are interested in doing.
The event is produced by a community of writers, so sign up early for a chance to contribute your fantasies in deciding what types of scenes will be produced.
Our Food is excellent and includes a full fetish formal dinner at no additional charge.
Meals included
  • Friday Snack
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Formal Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Sunday Brunch
Register for the Event

For Specific Information about Pricing Options please go directly to:

BEST VALUE – Cast$65
Write Your Own Role – $85
We’ll Cast You – $75
Write your own “base” character – Cast in some vignettes – $75
Tech – $25
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