Is there a wrong way to do Power Exchange, and non-consensual ice-cream! On YouTube

Join us for VMAP’s latest “Fetching Mettle” side episode on YouTube, in which we take questions and answers and expose some of our most ludicrous outtakes! See Rebecca Doll subjected to non-consensual ice cream music! We’ve said there’s no right way to do Power Exchange? But is there a wrong way? Can marriage and M/s Co-exist? […]

Definitions of “master, slave, submissive, dominant” particularly with regards to valid definitions that distinguish between them.

Also seen on Fetlife here Since it seems to be a popular topic, I’m going to polish my thoughts and put them in a writing so I can just point to it in the future, rather than repeating thisad nauseam These terms are real and can be useful, but there are no valid definitions of […]

YouTube Videos – Needs in Power Exchange: Parts 1 and 2 are up!

In this two-part episode, we tackle more provocative questions: Is there a basic need that drives us to cheating? How does resentment undermine relationships? What about “needs” like being hurt or humiliated? The second of two parts, we continue to explore how needs; not collars, cuffs, slave positions, or chains; are focal to Power Exchange […]

VMAP – “Fetching Mettle” – Video Blog

The second VMAP is out, featuring myself and @RebeccaDoll. This is our first “Fetching Mettle” episode, which will be our less formal Q&A and outtakes format. This week we discuss: The real truth about “True Mastery” and “True Slavery” A little more about James’ and Rebecca’s qualifications and background Can someone serve two masters?

YouTube vlog – VMAP Introduction to Power Exchange – now online

As many of you know Rebecca Doll and I have been hard at work on a new project: a video blog series exploring the world of power exchange dynamics with an eye toward educating people new to kink about safe ways to engage in such relationships. Our first episode is live and now needs promotion […]

Crowdfunding Appeal

Crowdfunding Appeal: Over the past six weeks, I worked with a group of friends to produce a video and was accepted to the Erotic Film School October 3rd, 4th and 5th in Brooklyn, New York at Teleportation Art Center facilitated by renowned feminist porn director, Madison Young. This is an opportunity that I […]

A Domly Master Dominant

I am the very model of a Domly Master Dominant My reputation and my paunch both are well known and prominent I know the slaves of Ko-ro-ba, and quote the books John Norman wrote From Sula-Ki to Nadu kneel, without my slave getting a vote I’m very well acquainted too with leather slaves traditional I […]

“Amelia” – Video Demo for Erotic Film School Application

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been working on an application to the Erotic Film School (EFS) facilitated by feminist porn director, Madison Young at New York’s Teleportation Art Center.  My goal in doing this is to jump from my long experience in impromptu live acting/staging/directing to video. I’m told the window above streams it […]

Authority v. Power

Authority is the right to act Power is the ability to act. Let’s be clear: this isn’t a “definitions” rant.  Technically you can use either word to mean either thing.  Authority, broadly defined, means “the power or right to give orders,” and power, broadly defined, can subsume authority. However, the term authority doesn’t usually carry […]

All Relationships have Power Exchange

In responding to a post on an online forum, and in other thoughts recently, I’ve been discussing the concept that all relationships inherently involve power exchange. Certainly my Grandmother and Grandfather had power exchange. What makes what we call “power exchange relationships” unique is that the exchange is negotiated rather than based on some implicit […]