YouTube vlog – VMAP Introduction to Power Exchange – now online

As many of you know Rebecca Doll and I have been hard at work on a new project: a video blog series exploring the world of power exchange dynamics with an eye toward educating people new to kink about safe ways to engage in such relationships. Our first episode is live and now needs promotion to get it out there! (A few positive comments to start us off on the page wouldn’t be bad either…).

Our goal is to provide a series that has good, progressive, information for newcomers to power exchange as it is actually practiced by real living people in the vast majority of the community, rather than according to some baroque model taken from a novel.

Our first episode focuses on basic terminology and mythology

As the series moves on, we hope to cover a lot of topics and material that are of use to everyone practicing power exchange, even if you’ve been involved for twenty years.

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Thank you for all of your support while we’ve put in hours on creating something we hope will make you all proud.