Crowdfunding Appeal

Crowdfunding Appeal:

Over the past six weeks, I worked with a group of friends to produce a video and was accepted to the Erotic Film School October 3rd, 4th and 5th in Brooklyn, New York at Teleportation Art Center facilitated by renowned feminist porn director, Madison Young.

This is an opportunity that I don’t want to miss. A lot of people worked hard on this application and they’re counting on me to go, get this knowledge, and bring it back. Unfortunately it comes at the end of a summer that involved a lot of travel and investment in providing entertainment and hospitality for our community and friends, and to take advantage of this opportunity I’ve had to resort, uncharacteristically, to crowdfunding. We’ve come up with some fun rewards and are hoping to defray the cost of the event and travel. I don’t expect donations from the general public, but some friends here have expressed support for these projects so I wanted to make this available.

I hope the people who know me can vouch that I don’t put my hat in hand unless I feel like there is something significant to give back.

For people who have read my blog at you’ll have seen our amazing demo film Amelia take a look. You can download the full version here:…

We’d love to have your support to produce further high quality work that breaks down barriers of artistic assumption, gender stereotypes, and other traditions.