Amanda Todd and the wrong message about bullying and sexuality…

Over the next few months, society will report and debate the death of Amanda Todd, a teenager who committed suicide after posting a Youtube video about bullying. I truly mourn her loss. This is someone who was intelligent, creative, had some artistic capability and seemed to understand a great deal about what was happening to […]

Execution of Childhood Sexual Abuse Victim

I receive dozens of political messages every day, and seldom forward any of them.  Usually they are either of such dramatic scope I assume everyone knows about them, or I feel they’re a matter of personal preference and conscience.  But this is a little different. I’m passing along the ACLU post in this case whole […]

The GOP and Porn

I don’t usually post on politics but there are a few stark facts I want to look at I have to admit that I read the Master/slave forums on Fetlife and a few other sites and see people bashing the President, or voicing support for his opposition and I just say “WTF.” Look, I’m a […]

MacMcClelland, Rape, and PTSD

In the past few weeks there has been a lot of traffic in the online world about a piece by Mother Jones journalist Mac McClelland for Good. That’s not surprising in itself. If you’ve never heard of Mac McClelland, she’s one of those rare people in the world who is out to do some good…and cut a […]

I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner…

The Sexting scandal with Representative Weiner is a source for plenty of tittering and twittering, not least because most of us still have enough Junior High mentality to think “Weiner’s weener” is funny. For me it opens up a larger question. Has the dichotomy between conventional conservative American morality and the new media led to […]

Advocacy for M/s and other Fetish Issues…

In a group I follow on FetLife, the question came up of displays of M/s in public and whether or not that was appropriate. I wanted to share my personal feelings, and expand that into the larger sphere of public advocacy. The first thing I want to say is that I think that effective advocacy […]