A Domly Master Dominant

I am the very model of a Domly Master Dominant
My reputation and my paunch both are well known and prominent
I know the slaves of Ko-ro-ba, and quote the books John Norman wrote
From Sula-Ki to Nadu kneel, without my slave getting a vote
I’m very well acquainted too with leather slaves traditional
I undertake discipline, for obeyance unconditional
About slave hearts and protocol I’m teeming with a lot of news
Confused with subjects covered in those books of Laura Antoniou’s

I have contempt for Fifty Shades of Grey cause I’m so literate
Dissed the film months beforehand for reasons I can’t iterate
My ethics, are both ageless spotless, meaning that they’re Protestant
I am the very model of a Domly Master Dominant

I know our mythic history, both of Biker-folk and Caveman Stock
So I can educate my girl before I make her suck my cock
I utilize conditioning both classical and operant
In matters of BDSM might well have got a doctorate
I know hard knot work and I have the skill to flog all Florentine
Attending education tracks will teach me naught I’m warranting
In choosing my submissive girls I’m fully polyamorous
Though they cannot  play with anyone I think too glamorous

Then I can tell a slave heart from a false deceiving wannabe
Mostly on the strength of how intensely they are into me
Of any subpar housekeeping I’m certainly most intolerant
I am the very model of a Domly Master Dominant

In fact when I know the faintest thing of real psychology
When I can tell E L James works’ from those of Pauline Reage
When I divide power exchange from historical slavery
with funishment and discipline conceptually distinct to me
When I can talk of M and S without “true” as an adjective
And have relationships that are more real than just imaginative
When I have learnt informed consent as well as knowing C/NC
You’ll say a better Dominant has never mastered Mastery

For my practical knowledge though I’m full of domly energy
Was mostly online while technically practicing monogamy
But still while not exactly showing skills or really competent
I am the very model of a Domly Master Dominant