Workshop – Dominance, Submission & the Mind


July 16, 2011 – Hagerstown MD.

Full Day, includes lunch, dinner, snacks

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A Workshop on the Psychological Aspects of D/s of interest to anyone with a strong D/s or M/s dynamic.

There are dozens of books and movies, from The Story of O to The Secretary that show us idealized D/s relationships, but those of us who fall into these relationships often find that the realities of dealing with a living, thinking, human being do not match the printed page or silver screen.

Ever wondered why your submissive doesn’t want to submit tonight. How “thank you, Sir!” became “fuck you, Sir!” Ever wondered why your Dominant seems less than domly at times? Human beings are not storybook characters, and our behaviors are complex and not always intuitive. This workshop will supplement and build the application of common sense in understanding why people behave the way they do.

The Human Mind is a scary subject and the Holy Grail of D/s. If the Brain is the largest sexual organ, then learning why it works and how to change it is the most powerful fetish. In this full-day workshop, you’ll learn how the mind works, and how to use hypnosis and other techniques to take control of it as part of a responsible power exchange. Advertisers, Religions, and others use these techniques on us every day, even though we are often not aware of it. Our community is about consensuality and only by learning about how to control the mind can we make informed decisions about taking and giving control in power exchange.

This workshop includes instruction in practical hypnosis, but provides a structured approach to learning “the basics” of human behavior in one day.

Masters/Dominants – they say slaves don’t come with a manual, but there is one. Put away prejudices and fictional novels to learn why people act the way they do, and how to change their behaviors constructively.

Submissives/Servants/Slaves – Surrender can be one of the most rewarding feelings, and being trapped one of the worst. Masters, good and bad, will use these techniques to take control. Learn how to recognize and defend yourself against the bad, and embrace and give yourself over to the good.

The Evening track will be followed by a small invite only play party, and we welcome the guests of registrants. We are not able to provide lodging onsite, but can recommend several local hotels within a 5 minute drive.

Tentative Schedule for the Workshop

  • Morning Track
  • Basic Human Drives
  • Depression Fight and Flight
  • Happiness, Fulfillment and Self-Actualization
  • Trauma great and small

Lunch (Provided)

  • Early Afternoon Track
  • How the Mind Works
  • How Love Works
  • Advanced Models for Understanding Human Behavior

Snack (Provided)

  • Late Afternoon Track
  • Models for Household/Social Behavior
  • Introduction to Behavior Modification
  • Social Capital, TERM Theory
  • Reinforcement Positive and Negative

Dinner (Provided)

  • Evening Track
  • Models for behavioral modification
  • What works, what doesn’t and how to use it in an M/s Contact
  • Bonus: Hands on Hypnosis Demonstration
  • Play Party/Social Time

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