Political Fundraising, Extremism, 1984, and Disconnection from Reality

http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/02/25/there-are-six-kinds-of-twitter-political-twitter-is-the-worst-of-them/I’m not against political fundraisng. And I realize that the apparatus of modern fundraising calls for continual e-mails to anyone and everyone who accepts them, creating an atmosphere of crisis. That said, after a while it becomes surreal. Generally the level of spasticness follows the reporting deadlines. But it can vary wildly from one day […]

Christmas Movies that Don’t Suck

Every year for some years since I was sick on Christmas and spent the day with Stephanie lying in bed watching TCM, I’ve tried to do a little Film Festival that day to go with Chinese Food. The problem is I don’t like most Christmas movies. I don’t even really celebrate Christmas except as a […]

Bilbo Baggins takes the One Ring for himself.

So…I walked into the kitchen and said “Good Morning” and the housemate being a smart ass started the Gandalf quote.. “What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it to be or not or that you feel good this morning or […]

If you ever throw a tantrum like that at chess again...

If you ever throw a tantrum like that at chess again…

So…we were sitting in a chain restaurant where they decorate the walls with old advertising, implements, and lithographs…I saw this one and immediately the dialog beneath it in the original 1909 Harper’s Magazine sprang to mind…her voice was like Myrna Loy in the 1934 Thin Man. – She: covering his palm gently  “Darling I do love […]

Salon.Com: My sexuality after porn

To me this article isn’t about a difficulty with someone’s sex drive. It’s about a difficulty in our society.  I realize the author doesn’t see it that way.  And I realize the author has his right to his interpretation of his sexual situation.  But…writing about that situation on Salon.com is stepping outside yourself.  When you […]

Towards an Understanding of M/s in Western Thought

With the need to manage various real-world events bearing down on me, most of my writing in the past few weeks has been in response to writing on FetLife. This started life as a post in response to a very intelligent question about M/s and inequality, suggesting that it was a division of responsibility rather […]

Brooks and Hughes attack on Sex Educators

This is a courtesy Repost of information forwarded by Maymay, a well known Sexual Freedom Advocate, Blogger, and Activst, and the founder of Kink for All.  The Kink for All program has been aimed heavily at promoting awareness among teens and adults of the alt-sex community.  I’m just going to say up front that I […]

Can a Master Rape a slave?

This is an essay I originally wrote in response to a discussion in an M/s group on Fet. The question that was raised was whether or not a Master could rape his slave (presuming a relationship in which all rights to the slave’s body were assigned to the Master). I’m reposting it here, because I […]

Graduation and Presenting at BR

I don’t usually post much in the way of personal promotion here, but I wanted to take the time to post two brief notes, as I’ve had a few small personal milestones. I’m now a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I recently completed a DETC Accredited degree in Hypnotherapy. While this is not exactly an MBA or PhD, […]

A Little About the Making of a Dominant…

In the last three years, I’ve spent an intense amount of time both in “real life” and online, breaking down, analyzing, and understanding the minds of young girls. The motivation for this is my personal modality as a Trainer. A few years ago I came off of a D/s relationship where in the end I […]