Call for Submissions – Humiliation Anthology

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I Want You To Make me Feel Like Shit: Girls and Humiliation

Initial deadline for submissions January 17, 2011

We are looking for intelligent and reflective fiction and nonfiction writing about humiliation play involving women, with an emphasis on experiences in the 18-35 age range.  Our focus is on straight gender, but we will considersubmissions from anyone presenting as female.

Our stated goal is to develop a collection of work on Humiliation that is accessible to anyone seeking to understand Humiliation needs, whether because they experience these needs themselves or because they have encountered someone who expresses these needs and they seek context for understanding.  We are not primarily looking to write a guide to play, but a guide to understanding the needs or urges underlying play.  This is intended to be a look at the needs and the psychology underlying them, which provides validation to individuals who have similar needs.  We want to avoid painting a “happy rosy picture” and present a realistic view that readers can relate to. 

It is our hope to create a work which makes Humiliation a better understood and more accessible kink, while allowing those who crave humiliation to understand it better, and feel less alone and “unacceptable.”



Humiliation fantasies or real-life humiliation experiences of women 18-35. Please specify if the submission is real-life experience, semi-fictional, or fictional.    There is a strong preference for female authors – the focus is women writing about their own experiences.

Micro Length – Experiences (100 words or less)

Flash Length (100-1000 words)

Short Story Length – short stories (1,000 – 7,500 words) – Please include a short author’s biography of 500 words or less with a focus on your interest and background in humiliation.


Nonfiction Essays (2,000 – 12,000 words) –  from male or female, Dominant or Submissive authors presenting viewpoints and analysis on the psychology of Humiliation play.  We are not looking primarily for “how to” Essays, or details of scenes that worked well, but for essays that investigate the mindset of young women who express a “need” for humiliation play, including personality models and analysis and discussion or breakdown of types of humiliation play


James Gordon

MS-Word or RTF files
No submissions by mail


Deadline is January 17, 2011


for work accepted on or after January 17, 2011:

We pay $2.00 for selected micro-fiction and $5.00 for selected Flash Fiction

.5 cents per word or two author copies for fiction and 1 cent per word or four author copies for Essays up to the stated length.

We will negotiate for work of merit which has previously been published online


Will be handled privately or through an existing small press.

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