Good Girl 3, and Protocols

An online friend of mine posts to Literotica as Angeline DC. She’s a very talented writer, and I think a lot of her. Her story “The Bidding of Lot 98” was inspiration for the Holland House (Holland Court in her story) material that appeared in one of the interactive theatre segments produced by J. and myself.

She’s recently published “Be Good Girl – Chapter 3” at Literotica.

I think Good Girl 1 and 2 are very good stories, and they captivated me early on, because neither are your normal fuck fantasy bullshit. They are kind of ugly in some ways and have rough edges and are not your mom’s sex fantasy. But they were also written five years ago, and the author’s style and capability has matured significantly since then, which you can see with “98.”

Good Girl 3 frankly blew me away. You do need to read 2 to understand the subject matter – but this is a piece of erotica that has…essentially no physical component. He holds her hand. Kind of hard. It takes place at a table in a restaurant. It is entirely mental. And honestly it is one of the most powerful pieces of BDSM erotica I’ve read.

Obviously tastes may vary, but it’s worth taking a look and I highly recommend it. *Chuckle* if you leave a positive comment, say who sent you. If you leave a negative comment, say you got the URL from Josh Bolten.

Now for something completely boring…

More than one person has noted there haven’t been any posts lately and what the hell happened. The fact is I’ve been working on a project which I really wanted to have in draft by Dark Odyssey (I did) and completed by Camp Crucible (looks good), and set in stone by MaST.

I’ve gotten a viable draft of my Protocols for D/s. I actually don’t think it’s boring, but this is not an exciting sexual read, it’s a lot of pages of details on how a submissive and Dominant behave together.

It requires a supplement which is not quite done yet, showing illustrations of all the positions. That will be out shortly, it’s really close.

So a couple of notes.

First, I owe a debt to several published sources and to Dr. Robert J. Rubel’s Protocols: Handbook for the female slave, as well as the APEX/Butchmann protocols.

One of my concerns has been that there is not a serious set of protocols for submissives. The thrust for D/s is 24/7 slaves. I don’t do 24/7 work at this time, and I honestly feel it’s kind of poor if a girl who wants to hold down a normal job, have a normal social life, and sub one night a week can’t have the same experience as someone who has dedicated to being a “lifestyle” submissive/slave. I wanted to create a set of Protocols that I felt were flexible enough to handle “normal” wear and tear, not just my day to day life at the (non existant) Dude Ranch where I keep my vast “stable” of submissives. I live in a suburban context (albeit very far in the suburbs) and all the girls I am currently working with have lives, jobs and social interests and priorities, including other partners.

I’m making these Protocols available to folks who want to see them, since I’ve already had about five requests. That said I want to give a few big provisos.

Protocols can be elegant, beautiful, and a huge boost to a D/s relationship. Rubel suggests that protocols “turn routine actions into ‘defined, repeatable, events.’” He adds notes on Protocols as a guide to declaring mutual intent, and focuses on the concept that Protocols make a relationship special, by communicating “to the other person – and anyone watching – just how valued this relationship is.”

1) These are not designed to be “point and click” protocols for the Dominant. You would need to read them, likely save and adapt them, then go over them with a new girl.

2) For Gods’ sake, do not dump these on some hapless girl without comment and tell her it was my idea. If you do that, to quote Daniel Plainview from There Will be Blood “One night I’m gonna come to you, inside of your house, wherever you’re sleeping, and I’m gonna cut your throat.” Just sayin’

3) In all seriousness. Read through these, and talk through them with the girl. These will be a flatulent pain in the ass if you don’t walk the girl through them, preferably with your own careful alterations.

I am working on a “getting started” guide, but that’s not a major area of concern for me, so you kind of need to read this stuff, understand, and then use.

I am not answerable for failings or lack. If you have something you think should be in these protocols, then by all means download a copy and add it. I haven’t even put a Creative Commons License on them, so…

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

For the uninitiated that means you can feel free to copy it and make changes to it, as long as you share your changes, but you can’t sell it and make money off of it.

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