Letters to Dave Navarro

I got this from JayLynn.  I don’t ordinarily promote causes here, but this is something so bizarre and enormous that I felt I should pass it along.  I honestly did not believe the first site…talking about the internet harassment of Dave Navarro for seeking a divorce, until I actually went to the second site.  Part of me wanted to believe it was a publicity stunt, but reading through the attack site it seems shockingly real.


The short explanation is that this guy’s crazy relative seems to have put up a site aimed at coercing him into not getting a divorce, and generally harassing him.  It has generated a good bit of invective and hatefulness.  It’s really kind of surreal.  If it were one person’s rant-site it wouldn’t matter, but the surprising thing seems to be that a fair number of people have bought into it.

The person who put this together comes across as someone with deep passions and hatred who has dressed them up as self righteousness – operating a public website aimed at spamming and humiliating a man about his divorce, and claims that one of the reasons is so his kids won’t be hurt.

It’s almost unthinkable to me today, living here in the business world on the East Coast that normal people would get involved in another couple’s marriage issues.  I can understand a distraught in-law, but business associates?  Dear God, is this 1874?  What the Fuck people…


I’m not sure what to do about it.  I sent a very nice supportive letter through the website mentioning how cruel I thought it was that it was being operated at all.

I am sorry that this hateful website has been operated to shame and attack you.  Obviously all reasonable adults in this day and time are entitled to make life choices that mean deciding to step away from a partnership that is not providing them what they need.  It’s a hard choice and I am sure you’ve thought it through.  I am very sorry that you and yours have been put through this horrible torment by cold, heartless people seeking to enforce their own narrow morality on you…people who do not care about your family or happiness, but are seething with repressed hatred and looking for a “righteous” cause to make other people as miserable as they are.

I know that you will rise above all this, and be safe, and have a happy life long after the people who spread hate, misery and intolerance in the name of “righteousness,” who inflict untold mental suffering on your children while preaching about “not hurting them,” are forgotten.  

Until then know that all decent, right thinking people who are not filled with hate are with you, and oppose the heartless, dogmatic, cruel abuse of your life through letterstodavenavvaro.com

Warmest regards and sympathy,

I doubt the letters get through unfiltered, but I figured it would at least annoy the person running the site, and maybe if a few hundred thousand people hit the site with sympathetic letters it the site will fold up and go away.  Who knows.  It at least defeats the purpose of the site.

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