Pimpin’ ain’t easy…Fetlife Contest

Pimpin’ ain’t easy…

I don’t usually pimp internet contests and assorted other memes. But Fetlife is running a holiday giveaway.

Now, normally I’d ignore this. But I’ve already pimped Fetlife here, because I think it’s a great community service. It’s an online gateway that has brought about a quarter-million people into contact with the Kink Community, and it has a really high threshold of legitimacy. It’s not like the old boards I used to see where about 98% of the people were trolls looking for a fight or a date. It’s social networking for Kink.

I think that’s outstandingly important, because it makes the Kink Community safer by building ties so that people don’t have to enter it alone and scared, and have some device for finding safe friends and communities and checking out their options.

That makes Fetish safer and more mainstream, which makes it easier for people to get into it, rather than being fifty and bitter wishing they had known about this stuff when they were young.

Fetlife is actually changing lives and our culture.

So…they’re running a contest and giving away 218 items.

That’s it. Signup and login and you get put in the drawing. Admittedly you get more chances if you pimp the contest like I’m doing. But…there’s not a trick or a downside, it’s just an incentive, supplied by their merchants and advertisers.

Have I mentioned that their advertising focus has been “legit” kinksters and pornographers. That’s also impressive.

In short I like everything about fetlife. So get over there right now and sign up at www.fetlife.com, and enter the “Sit on Kinky Santa’s Lap” contest.

And…Happy Festivus…

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