Execution of Childhood Sexual Abuse Victim

I receive dozens of political messages every day, and seldom forward any of them.  Usually they are either of such dramatic scope I assume everyone knows about them, or I feel they’re a matter of personal preference and conscience.  But this is a little different. I’m passing along the ACLU post in this case whole […]

The GOP and Porn

I don’t usually post on politics but there are a few stark facts I want to look at I have to admit that I read the Master/slave forums on Fetlife and a few other sites and see people bashing the President, or voicing support for his opposition and I just say “WTF.” Look, I’m a […]

The Thorny Issues of Consent

This was originally written as a continuation of the discussion of consent, however I think it stands alone as a basic outline of the issues with consent within our community. In many ways, I think you can boil the core issue in consent in BDSM down to the Foo Fighters. “The only thing I’ll ever […]

Consent and Non-Consent in Power Exchange

If you find this post interesting, please consider commenting where it appears on the Consent Counts Group on Fetlife   A few days ago, the NCSF dropped me an e-mail…which I assume went out to every other person on the NCSF mailing list, about starting a national dialog on consent, here on Fetlife and in […]

Dialog on Consent – NCSF Appeal

I received the following from NCSF and I wanted to both boost the signal and mention how important this is to our community…particularly the discussion about consent listed below.I believe in consent and I’m on record writing about the importance not only of titular consent but informed consent which comes from a full understanding of […]

Sex Talk with Tamara Pincus – July 3

Good news…I appeared about two weeks ago on “Sex Talk with Tamara Pincus,” a local Podcast by my friend Tamara who is a Counselor and all around generally smart and knowledgeable person, somebody who is doing a lot of good work to promote mental health and understanding in the alt-sex Community.  The podcast went well, […]

Happy New Year

I’ve been very silent the past quarter, and I thought New Year’s Eve would be a good time to post a little update to friends, family and members of the Academy. It’s been quite a year. In the mid 2000’s I set a seven year life plan. From 1998-2011 I ran Community Interactive Theatre project […]

A Happy Thanksgiving to all…

There’s a few personal notes at the end of this post, but first my annual digression on holidays… Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is among our most traditional holidays, having no real grounding in any specific religious holidays but being grounded in the European Tradition of a Harvest Feast which probably goes back well into the Neolithic. Several […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about the care and feeding of leeches

…No, really, I’m serious… Some of you may remember our leech special issue. Well a few months have gone by and the leeches needed to eat again. I googled around online and found virtually nothing really authoritative about feeding leeches…one suggestion said to put them on a blood soaked towel…that didn’t go well. Another suggestion […]

Hafiz – Tired of Speaking Sweetly

Apparently the west is fascinated by Sufi poets.  I have to admit that if I hear one more speaker quote or reference Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, (always referenced in English as “Rumi” because that’s the word for “The Roman” which described where he lived) I may actually have to charge to the bathroom and vomit.  I […]